Mega-Temp™ Available on a Variety of Materials

Purchase Mega-Temp™ Insulation pre-installed on your choice of materials to realize immediate benefits

Fabrics and/or Panels:
Canvas, Cordura Nylon, Cotton, Fiberglass, Kevlar 29 [Ballistic] or Kevlar 49 [Structural], Lycra, Nylon, Polyethylene, Silk, Spectra

Metal Rolls and/or Sheet and/or Panels:
Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Lead, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium

Copper, Lead, Steel
PVC, Synthetics

Available in BULK quantities only.

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Purchase Inquiries for Commercial Quantities:

*Please email your inquiries in writing and on company letterhead only. All other forms of communication will not be accepted.


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James S. Priamos Productions, Inc.
3315 E. Russell Rd. A4 #416
Las Vegas, NV 89120-3477
United States of America

Tel no: (702) 685-9326
Fax no: (775) 996-3158

Long-term financing available for commercial quantities.

Mega-Temp™ Delivery Schedule

Delivery Schedule:
Please contact us directly for an up-to-date delivery schedule.


"Thank you for the great product. It performed just as you said it would."

- Wayne M. Okine
Director of Maintenance
Great Western Financial Corporation

"This stuff is hard to describe!"

-Edward T. Goode
General Manager
Madisonville Flying Service Inc.

"We are pleased to report that we are more than satisfied with the product, especially the thermal quality of the material. Thank you for an excellent job."

-M. R. Fitzgerald
Chief of Maintenance Arthur Corporation

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World's Only Active Molecular Insulation

World's Only Active Molecular Insulation

Mega-Temp™ works on the principle of energy conversion at the molecular level, resulting in the thinnest, most stable, effective and environmentally-friendly insulation material in the world.

FAA Approved Insulation for Aircraft

FAA Approved Insulation for Aircraft

Mega-Temp™ Insulation has met the rigorous heat release and smoke development standards for surface insulation mandated by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) - since 1984.

Insulate a Gulfstream in 1 Day

Insulate a Gulfstream in 1 Day

It takes less than 6 hours to spray Mega-Temp™ Insulation onto the interior surfaces of a Gulfstream aircraft. Unmasking tasks may commence 2 hours afterwards. Allow 24 hours for proper curing.

Mega-Temp™ Videos

Introduction to Mega-Temp™

This video presents a brief summary of Mega-Temp™ Insulation's properties and applications.

Astra Jet Insulation

This video highlights Mega-Temp™ Insulation's effectiveness in providing superior thermal and acoustic control in an aircraft. The entire aircraft was insulated in a few hours.


Luxury Yacht Insulation

This video demonstrates Mega-Temp™ Insulation's ease and speed of application in addition to thermally and acoustically shielding a naval vessel. The entire yacht was insulated in less than 1 day.

Mega-Temp™ Insulation Distributorship Available

Mega-Temp™ Aircraft Insulation is pleased to announce new Distributorship Licenses in select countries. Click Here for Details.


Thin, Environmentally-Friendly Insulation for Extreme Acoustic & Thermal Environments

Mega-Temp™ Insulation was created for entities needing the finest in non-toxic, super-thin, hyper-light, and flexible insulation technology; perfect for acoustic and thermal [high/low temp.] protection in conductive, convective, and radiative exposures.

Continually available World-Wide since 1981.

Breakthrough in Applied Physics

Mega-Temp™ is the World's first and only "Active Molecular Insulation"™.

Mega-Temp™ works actively at converting energy at the molecular level unlike other inefficient and dated insulation technologies which rely on entrapped air, such as fiberglass or foam based systems. Designed and successfully used on classified government programs in the 1980s, now available for general corporate use.

Energy Savings for Life with One Application

Mega-Temp™ provides superior insulation and superior energy savings for life with one application, ultimately decreasing our global demand for energy and thus reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. Mega-Temp™ may very well be one of best solutions to global warming.

Applicable Everywhere for Virtually Everything

The uses of this material range from the seas to the skies above: ships, buildings, vehicles, aircraft, satellites and more. Wherever people face thermal or acoustic challenges, Mega-Temp™ Insulation is the solution.

James S. Priamos Productions, Inc. Announces Preferential Associations List For 2015

23 December, 2014

Effective immediately, Members of the Eurasian Economic Union [Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Armenia] as well as those Nations belonging to Mercosur [Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela] will receive special "Group Association Products And Services Rates" when their Private Corporations place Orders for such with us now and in 2015.

In these trying economic times, which we estimate will continue in 2015 and well beyond, unique Technologies, which we have developed, can assist those Nations' populations in gaining more comfort and safety in their daily lives. Also, building "Added Value" into products, will increase International Trade. Equally, experienced International Businessmen's Consultations, without Self-Interest, can help these Nations' Private Corporations  prosper financially during the ensuing economic slowdown.

We think our Pro-Active Products and Services will be of great benefit to those Businesses with foresight [who have grown tired of being victimized by Predatory Practices of some of those in the Financial Communities of the World].

Since our areas of Expertise and our Interests are quite expansive, we can help in many ways.

Contact us on your Corporate Letterheads to discuss those Projects in which you are interested.

At "JSPP" we are the 'Affordable Alternative' who wants you to succeed.

Best regards.

Foreign Currency Purchase of Mega-Temp™ Insulation Program

07 July, 2014

We are pleased to announce that, effective immediately, Licensed Applicators of Mega-Temp™ Insulation can purchase this Innovative Material Technology using their Currency of Residence in addition to acquisition with U.S. Dollars.

It is our thought that using U.S. Dollars in conjunction with Euros, Pesos, Renminbi, Rubles, etc. will help facilitate International Trade. Through monetary mix, Licensed Applicators will have an easier situation of purchasing product in their countries if there are any restrictions on export of certain currencies.

Since our Motto: “Tomorrow Is Today; Today Is Yesterday”, we think that ‘Currency Exchange for Product Purchases’ is presently a ‘Small Wave' that will soon become a “Tsunami”. Mandating that such acquisitions only be in the Residential Currency of the Manufacturer, as is the case by some Airframes and others today, is short sighted and counter-productive to the Ideal of International Commerce of International Products.

To this end, we maintain that the affordable Technology, Mega-Temp™ Insulation, best serves the world by being readily available to those who can appreciate the Safety and Comfort provided by this Thermal Shield: the “Cocoon of Protection”™.

Contact us in writing, on your Corporate Letterhead, so we can discuss Applicator Licensing and evaluate making your Projects most efficient.