Other Applications

Listing of Mega-Temp™ Insulation Applications

  • L.E.D. displays
  • Communication equipment
  • Cellular telephone system equipment and facilities
  • Gas/oil pipelines
  • Sound broadcast booths, studios, theatres
  • Railway cars
  • Embassies and other potentially terrorist targeted government buildings
  • Military vehicles, wheeled and non-wheeled

Other Applications Benefiting from Mega-Temp™ Insulation

ApplicationInsulated ComponentsPerformance & Benefits
AutomotiveFloorboards, Cabin Firewalls, Ceilings, TrunksThe floorboards, cabin firewalls, ceilings, and trunks of automobiles and/or trucks are all candidates for Mega-Temp™’s acoustic, and thermal benefits. A vehicle being constructed could be insulated in several minutes.

Siberian Insulation Example
In Siberia, mining trucks coated with Mega-Temp™ Insulation have been performing very well for a number of years in still air temperatures as low as -73.3 degrees C [-100 degrees F]. A warm cabin allows for engine operating gauges to promptly work as well as driver comfort. Battery life is extended since typical cold effects have been minimized. The same heavy duty mining trucks have had their battery bays coated with Mega-Temp™ to prevent any damage to the vehicles by cracked batteries leaking acid.
ComputersPCs, Servers, Mainframes – All Chassis Components, Heatsinks, Power Supplies, Motherboards, Video CardsThermal control, as well as acoustic, are available to computers be they mainframe, workstations, PC’s, or laptops. The heat generated by the CPU’s can be reduced.

Booting up time is reduced in cold exposures such as those encountered by laptop computers outdoors.

Mean time between failures is elongated due to thermal control from both heat and cold.

Mega-Temp™ Saves Workstation from Fire Destruction
A computer, which was located in a building which caught fire and many people perished, was retrieved thereafter. Once the computer’s power cord was replaced, it operated successfully [and does so to this day]!
ConstructionInterior and Exterior Walls of Homes and Industrial and Commercial Buildings, All Water Pipes, Roofs, Floors and Attics.  Mega-Temp™ can replace ALL areas where fiberglass insulation or foam insulation exist.Buildings and homes may be quickly insulated with Mega-Temp™ insulation for thermal control from the sun’s radiative heating as well as control of the cold. Since Mega-Temp™ does not readily emit its energy, treated surfaces stay warm in cold exposures and cool in the summer. Additionally, pipes treated with this technology keep hot water hot and cold water cold. Pipes do not freeze when coated with Mega-Temp™.

Since Mega-Temp™ insulation reduces sound levels where applied, a building treated with this technology would be more comfortable for its occupants.

Studio sound rooms have also benefitted from the Mega-Temp™ insulation application. Those with large windows noticed appreciable amounts of sound absorption by using this technology.

Mega-Temp™ insulation is superior to foam insulation, rockwool insulation, spray insulation and fiberglass insulation for all construction applications.

Gas and/or oil pipelines, buildings/equipment operating in extreme cold environments (Siberia, Antartica, Alaska, Greenland, etc.) will all benefit tremendously from the application of Mega-Temp™ insulation.
Homeland SecurityAny and All Assets. Defend against terrorist attacks – from Molotov Cocktails to Thermonuclear blasts.Destructive devices as well as incendiaries do not provide enough thermal energy to overcome the efficiencies of Mega-Temp™ Insulation, where applied. For example, a building coated with this technology would not burn if attacked by terrorists throwing  “Molotov Cocktails”.

A building coated with Mega-Temp™ Insulation would not disintegrate when subjected to a thermonuclear blast since the thermal flux of the bomb would be less than the thermal capacity of the material. The secondary effects of the blast, i.e., the strong winds, would only blow out the windows. Since the building’s structure would stay near steady state ambient temperature, it would not collapse.

Armored limousines used by diplomats are presently subject to destruction, not necessarily through projectiles, but can be stopped by extreme heat. Certainly the occupants can be terminated with such exposure. Other current insulations are not worthy of great thermal control; Mega-Temp™ is! Terrorists can employ flammables to either kill the occupants or make interior conditions so hot that the passengers flee the vehicle; to their detriment. Mega-Temp™ keeps the interior of the vehicle cooler so the driver and passengers have adequate time to drive away from the conflagration.
ThermonuclearAny and All AssetsSince thermonuclear devices have the effects of their thermal flux diminished greatly on exposure to Mega-Temp™ Insulation, it effectively effetes the devices; The only unaltered values are the wind forces at work. Buildings treated with this technology maintain structural strength, as they were designed, and resist the winds created by the explosion.

During “Experimental and Analytical Evaluation of Surface Coating for Protection Against High Intensity Thermal Pulses”, Mega-Temp™ Insulation was tested against a thermal pulse with a total fluence which closely approximates the energy deposited by the design-based nuclear pulse. The nuclear pulse utilized allowed for a peak flux of levels of 50 to 55 cal/cm2/sec.. The Mega-Temp™ Insulation application confined the peak temperature rise to only 65 degrees F maximum during the test! Other insulations would produce results unlivable for military or civilian personnel during such extreme exposures.

Mega-Temp™ Insulation Also Available on a Variety of Materials

Purchase Mega-Temp™ Insulation pre-installed on your choice of materials to realize immediate benefits.

Fabrics and/or Panels
Canvas, Cordura Nylon, Cotton, Fiberglass, Kevlar 29 [Ballistic] or Kevlar 49 [Structural], Lycra, Nylon, Polyethylene, Silk, Spectra

Metal Rolls and/or Sheet and/or Panels
Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Lead, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium

Copper, Lead, Steel, PVC, Synthetics

Available in BULK quantities only.

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