Over the past six years the properties of Mega-Temp have remained constant. Our condensation problem in the aircraft interior which was ruining the fabrics has not occurred since Mega-Temp. Consequently the fire block properties have remained effective. Also, the cabin temperature is very stable throughout our flights due to the thermal qualities that Mega-Temp provides. We have many comments from our executives about the reduced noise level while the aircraft is waiting for departure.

For maintenance, it is a dream to work with. For example, after the Mega-Temp application in Long Beach, CA, I had to modify the Vertical/Directional Gyro platform on the aft LH side of the aircraft. As an experiment, the lead mechanic and I tried to remove the Mega-Temp chemically (acetone, alcohol and MEK) and mechanically… to no avail. The final procedure was to apply the Mega-Temp Solvent and within 30 seconds, the Mega-Temp was easily wiped off, revealing the structure for mechanical and electrical bonding. Reapplying Mega-Temp afterwards was easy- we just hand brushed it on.

Thank you for the great product. It performed just as you said it would.

[Aircraft insulated with Mega-Temp was an Israel Aircraft Industries Astra Jet.]

Wayne M. Okine
Director of Maintenance
Great Western Financial Corporation
7458 Hayvenhurst Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406

We applied the “Mega-Temp” on the S/S Norway’s drain tank during 1991. The tank had a surface temperature of above 220 F. After the application of the Mega-Temp, the temperature dropped below 130 F. The room temperature in the area also dropped considerably. We have also used the material on cabin floors, where we have had complaints regarding hot floors, (steam pipes below cabin floors). The result was extremely good.

Per O. Sopp
Sr. Port Engineer
Kloster Cruise Limited
95 Merrick Way, Coral Cables, FL 33134

Pacific Coast Airlines have provided the Engineering Group very favorable reports, including marked decreases in noise levels and more comfortable cabin and cockpit temperatures on the Mega-Temp equipped aircraft. After only two months of operating with Mega-Temp insulation installed, Pacific Coast Airlines is favorably impressed with the decreases in ramp temperatures, noise level and aircraft weight. The elimination of condensation in conjunction with the product’s Vapor-Barrier, will provide maximum corrosion protection and will eliminate water trapping and drainage problems.

G. Foster
Chief Engineer
J. Hubbard
Vice President-Operation
Pacific Coast Airlines Engineering Group-SBAEE
P.O Box 459 Goleta, CA 93116

The result of the testing are very favorable. With three coatings of application, very little temperature gradient was evidenced at all over the 40 second time period. Even with one coat, the peak temperature rise was only 65 F, at 8 seconds after initiation of load. For our particular usage, one coat of application is more than adequate as a thermal protective cover against the high intensity thermal loading predicted. In addition, the low density and easy application characteristics of your coating further enhanced the attractiveness of your product as a thermal protective cover.

Arthur Lieberman
Senior Scientist
Tactical Equipment Corp.
39 East Forrest Ave. Shrewsbury, PA 17361

You applied Mega-Temp in our sound room on May 2, 1984. I’m writing to let you know that the difference has been noted immediately. The temperature in the room is being held and the temperature is now comfortable in the sound room. The sound proofing has proven to be excellent. It is noteworthy to mention that the sound room is made of concrete and glass blocks. I can really tell the difference. Your service has been appreciated. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone needing temperature or sound control.

Gus Zink
Sound Technician
First Christian Church
Rolla, Missouri

This is the results of the battery acid test we did in-house.

The sample used was the one supplied by your company which was a 10 square inch piece of aluminum covered with about .008 thick layer of Mega-Temp.

I covered a section of the surface about 1 square inch with 1280 specific gravity battery acid. The piece was set aside for four days. At that time the acid did not penetrate the covering.

At the time of applying the acid, a knife cut was made on one corner of the test area where the acid could reach the aluminum. In the four days of the test, the acid caused the Mega-Temp to delaminate about 1/2 inch around the knife cut. Even in this area the covering was still intact, but the acid etched the metal underneath and caused the bond to break.

In this 4 day test, I could not detect any change in the coating by feel or visual. There was no special chemical test made to see if there were any non visual changes.

A the same time of this, a piece of nylon carpet, aircraft grade, was subjected to 1 drop of the 1280 acid. It burned a hole through the sample in 13 seconds. Top to bottom.

This stuff is hard to describe!

Edward T. Goode
General Manager
Madisonville Flying Service Inc.
Madisonville, KY 47031

In February 1984 Mr. Bill Jennings and Mr. Dale Nash brought me some material coated with their product. To test the flammability of this material we performed the following experiment:

We took a small sheet of aluminum approximately 7″x 7″x 1/8″ thick, coated on one side with Mega-Temp. Using a well adjusted neutral flame from an Oxygen-Acetylene Torch, I melted one corner of the aluminum plate and let it drip on the floor. In the direct flame the product did flame, however when the torch was remove and the plate allowed to cool very briefly, the product was self extinguishing. (The generally accepted temperature on this size neutral oxy-acetylene flame is 5500 F). The melting temperature of aluminum is 1200 F. With oxidation the temperature goes considerably higher. It could easily be concluded that the product could take 1200 F, and be self extinguishing. It still had a good adherence to the aluminum and did not appear to be affected more than 1/2″ from the actual flame exposure. Incredible!

Myrlen D. Trout
Senior Electronics Technician
University of Missouri
Rolla, Missouri 65401

We recently had our Grumman Mallard in your facility for a complete interior rework.

In preparation for the new interior you added “Mega-Temp” to the external skin for soundproofing.

We are pleased to report that we are more than satisfied with the product, especially the thermal quality of the material.

Thank you for an excellent job.

M. R. Fitzgerald
Chief of Maintenance
Arthur Corporation
2702 North Third St., Phoenix, AZ 85004

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