Aircraft Insulation

Insulated Components

Mega-Temp™ aircraft insulation is suitable for the following applications:

Fuselage interiors [longitudinals, ribs, skin, pressure bulkheads, etc.] are sprayed with Mega-Temp™ Insulation.

In commercial aircraft, in particular, the interior of the tail cone area should be insulated so the rudder apparatus will not freeze [as has occurred on several occasions leading to crashes].

Engine cowlings are also capable of insulation.

Nose bays of aircraft are good sites for thermal control where electronics must be protected.

NOTE: Mega-Temp™ Aircraft Insulation is NOT FOR SALE for use on Civil or Commercial Aircraft made of Composite Structural Materials.

Superior insulation for Aircraft

Speed of Application

The speed at which Mega-Temp™ can be installed will save you money when total costs are compared to that of other aircraft insulations on the market. Mega-Temp™ can be quickly applied because it is a spray-on product which adheres to almost any surface. This insulation totally cures in about 48 hours. Any sized commercial aircraft can be totally insulated in one day!


The featherweight lightness of Mega-Temp™ can translate in phenomenal fuel savings. An aircraft insulated with Mega-Temp™ will burn less fuel than those using the other outdated insulations. Due to the thermal efficiencies of Mega-Temp™, even an A.P.U. may run for shorter durations. Mega-Temp™ weighs less than ten grams per square foot. Due to the fact that there is no condensation buildup in an aircraft insulated with Mega-Temp™ versus moisture buildup in bag insulations, an aircraft may weigh thousands of pound less between ‘C’ or ‘D’ checks!

According to an American Airlines website article:

“For each pound of extra weight removed from an aircraft, AA saves as much as 11,500 gallons of fuel annually for AA’s fleet of more than 600 aircraft. If 100 pounds of unnecessary weight was taken off each aircraft, AA could save more than 1.1 million gallons of fuel over the course of a year.”

American Airlines Article

Space Efficient

Space-age technology has produced a finger nail thin aircraft insulation with superior insulating properties. Mega-Temp™ is applied less than one millimeter thick! After it is applied, all wiring, piping, ducting, etc. is clearly visible to the ‘A & P’ Mechanic after he or she removes the interior dress panel. There are no inefficient bags to get out of the way for inspections.


Mega-Temp™’s superior thermal barrier properties saves energy costs of cooling or heating. Additionally, the exceptional thermal barrier provided by the Mega-Temp™ membrane prevents condensation. With condensation eliminated, corrosion is reduced in a fuselage.

Mega-Temp™ is totally unique as to its thermo-dynamic properties. The durable Mega-Temp™ membrane provides a thermal barrier by preventing energy flow through it. For example, an aircraft flying at 30,000 feet altitude would be exposed to a temperature of -54 C [-65 F] yet the interior surface of the cabin would be approximately 15 C [60 F] or about [125 F] variation between the two! In fact, tests show that one may expose the material to sub-zero temperatures and it will NOT freeze.

In rigorous radiation testing, far in excess of that encountered by an aircraft, Mega-Temp™ significantly reduced anticipated heat build up curves.

This thermal barrier provides temperature stability in a cabin day to night, season to season. Since it can be sprayed anywhere in an aircraft, temperature control is enhanced.

Mega-Temp™ also provides superior acoustic protection. This technology will benefit airlines by providing quieter cabins for passengers. Because it can be applied where other insulation will not even fit, a ‘Cocoon of Quiet™’ will envelope the passengers.

Normally, other insulations are installed merely between the ribs and longitudinal members of a fuselage, not on those components themselves. This omission provides a route for acoustic energy to flow from the skins through the ribs and longitudinals into the cabin. Mega-Temp™ aircraft insulation coats all interior components [skins, ribs, longitudinals, rivets, etc.] with phenomenal results.

This time tested product, originally used in aircraft in 1984, has been successfully used in the very harsh environment of extreme altitudes.

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