Cost Savings

Mega-Temp™ Insulation Cost Savings

Install Once – Enjoy Energy Savings for LIFE!

  1. Mega-Temp™ Insulation is a permanent product which will perform efficiently for years on the surfaces on which it is applied thus saving a manufacturer follow-up labor and/or material repair costs.
  2. Mega-Temp™ Insulation bonds securely to virtually all materials and remains flexive throughout its lifetime thus eliminating any need to “repaint” or “recoat”.
  3. Mega-Temp™ Insulation’s effectiveness does not fade over time.

A Boeing 747 Aircraft can be completely insulated with Mega-Temp™ Insulation in ONE DAY with minimal staff!

Review our Boeing 747-300 Fuel Savings Analysis Here.

Drastically Lower Installation Costs

  1. Mega-Temp™ Insulation can be sprayed faster on the surface of an object than other insulations can be manually applied, thus saving many labor hours.
  2. Mega-Temp™ Insulation can be quickly sprayed on irregularly shaped products so “touch labor” hours are reduced, thus saving labor hours.
  3. Mega-Temp™ Insulation is installed to a thinness of a mere millimeter [.03937″] therefore, designers do not have to allocate extra material for the substrate and space in which it is applied [such as bulky fiberglass which relies on entrapped air to perform], thus saving labor and material costs.
  4. Mega-Temp™ Insulation allows for an increase in ‘Opportunity Efficiencies’, thus saving labor costs by the following:
    • Only one person is required to insulate with Mega-Temp™ Insulation so other employees can perform different production tasks.
    • Since Mega-Temp™ can be installed so quickly, employees waiting to get into an area to perform their tasks in succession, can do so without long delay as in hand installation of other insulations in an aircraft or vehicle.
    • Support bracketry [crossmembers, nuts, and bolts], to hold Mega-Temp™ in place [as is the case with other forms of insulation] is not needed to be acquired by Purchasing Departments since it is not employed with this technology.

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