Composite Aircraft Issues

NOTE: Mega-Temp™ Aircraft Insulation is NOT FOR SALE for use on Civil or Commercial Aircraft made of Composite Structural Materials.

There are THREE Inherent Problems with Aircraft using Composites: De-lamination, Detonation, And Flammability.

The Composite Material lower weight profile touted about, by Commercial Airframes in particular, is largely illusory. Composite “Doublers” and Metal Reinforcements are needed to strengthen structurally stressed areas (such as the “Wing Boxes” of these aircraft). All these addenda add weight against the ‘Estimated Empty Aircraft Weight’ used initially in marketing to Airlines. The Airlines must sign “Letters of Intent” and/or Purchase Orders prior to Airframe Management approval of Aircraft Construction.  The actual aforementioned strengthening of the Aircraft (with weight increases) may occur Months or even Years LATER after the Aircraft Production Launch!

  1. DE-LAMINATION can occur by stress in flight and/or deterioration due to Cosmic and Solar Radiation exposures over time at cruise altitudes (in particular).
  2. DETONATION will occur when an Aircraft Fuselage comes into contact with a Airport Runway (as when Landing Gear Failure occurs). The Compressive Energy built up in the Aircraft when hitting the runway is released by the Composites ‘Instantly’ like a bomb (with shards of the aircraft being strewn everywhere).
  3. FLAMMABILITY occurs since the “Carbon/Carbon” Textile is a potential fuel source (as is the Petrochemical Adhesive use to bond the fibers together). The only missing element for Flammability is Heat (which has factually and historically been provided on such Composite Aircraft even  by small Lithium-Ion Batteries)! Imagine if a galley Micro-Wave Oven malfunctioned  causing a fire, or if an Engine detonated spewing very hot Rotor Blades into the Composite Wing or Fuselage!

Composite Aircraft Construction is fine for Unmanned Combat Aircraft, Drones, or Advanced Piloted Fighter or Reconnaissance Aircraft since Militaries treat them all as “Expendable”. Everyone involved assumes and hopefully understands the risk.

Commercial Airlines have a predominately ‘Naive’ Public when it comes to: Aircraft Construction, Energy Physics, Engineering, and Materials Science Fundamentals to comprehend the inherent risk involved. As such, the Public DOES NOT ASSUME THE RISK  INVOLVED as do their Military Counterparts.

For the reasons aforementioned, We NEVER knowingly sell Mega-Temp™ Insulation for use in Civilian nor Commercial Composite Aircraft. Our respect for Human Life is Great and We will Not endanger it by being part of a Cabal trying to merely “Lighten an Aircraft” to save some fuel; and putting the Public at possible risk in doing so.

Reality is truth.

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