Mega-Temp™ and Mega-Rad™ Insulation Frequently Asked Questions

What is the availability of Mega-Rad™ Insulation?

At the moment, Mega-Rad™ Insulation is available on a VERY LIMITED basis to existing Mega-Temp™ customers only and only in select regions and industries.

How is Mega-Temp™ Insulation applied?

A low pressure air-type spray gun is used in conjunction with a bottom discharge fluid tank.

Click here for a video of a Mega-Temp™ Insulation installation on an Israel Aircraft Industries Astra Private Jet.

Click here to see Mega-Temp™ Insulation installed on a naval vessel.

Why should I use Mega-Temp™ rather than some other insulation on the market?

If you need thermal, acoustic and/or acid control over all surfaces of an area, permanently applied, then Mega-Temp™ is for you. If you need a thin, lightweight material, this should be your choice. If you live at higher elevations, where air density is less, with fiberglass bags being less effective, choose Mega-Temp™ instead. If you want to go beyond World War II type insulations, rely on the many advantages of space-age Mega-Temp™ Insulation.

How does Mega-Temp™ work?

It converts kinetic energy to potential at a very fast rate. Thusly, it is a very good defensive product against thermonuclear attack and it is applicable for virtually all energy control situations.

Does it take long to apply?

No. Speed of application is one of the unique benefits of Mega-Temp™ Insulation. For example, a Boeing 747 could have its entire fuselage interior insulated in one day!

Mega-Temp™ Insulation was brought to the market in 1981, how come it isn’t widely advertised?

Classified uses of the material have been employed for many years; a “Need To Know” ethos prevailed, thereby eliminating the use of advertisements, etc.. Presently, a focus on the internet, primarily due to international complexities, is allowing us to evaluate the responses we receive from the Web Site and to select interesting problems submitted by viewers. Since we are the World’s Sole Source of this technology, a serious review is undertaken in evaluating each applicant’s problem be it thermonuclear, extreme cold, acoustic, or other. We select those who can appreciate the very unique technologies offered by Mega-Temp™ Insulation as well as those who can comprehend the fact that they have the problem; we have the solution!

What does Mega-Temp™ look like?

It is off-white in color and has a texture of fine oatmeal. Watch our Introduction Video to learn more.

As applied, how much does Mega-Temp™ Insulation weigh?

Less than ten grams per square foot.

Do you discuss with others your clientele and their projects so potential new customers can be acquired?

No. Each of our customers and their projects are their business only!

Was Mega-Temp™ Insulation’s research and development funded by the U.S. Government?

No it was not. It was privately funded, researched, and developed into its present formulation?

Can I buy some shares of Mega-Temp™ Insulation?

No. It is privately owned.

Is Mega-Temp™ Insulation a foam product?

No. It is a NON-FOAM product. It does not contain any entrapped air.

How do fiberglass bags in aircraft gain weight?

The bags absorb both the moisture in the ambient air in the aircraft as well as the exhaled air from passengers and crew. Since the bags’ shells degenerate over time they become broken and allow moisture to enter. Between new bag installation in an aircraft and a “C” or “D” Check about five years later, the weight in every bag is very significant. This carrying of needless weight increases fuel burn in a aircraft. A replacement bag merely repeats this fuel consuming cycle.

How much weight can the accumulation of water in bags be?

Aircraft and Powerplant Mechanics, who work on the aircraft and have actually weighed the old bags and support bracketry in their airliners, report weights of up to 16,000 pounds!

How much does Mega-Temp™ Insulation weigh?

It weighs approximately ten grams per square foot. It does not collect moisture as do fiberglass bags.

If airlines all used Mega-Temp™ throughout their fleets what would happen?

Aircraft manufacturers would sell fewer new airplanes since airlines would have more efficient fleets; and the airframes know this.

How much time does it take to spray the entire fuselage of an aircraft?

A total of ten men [five each for spraying and five for support] could totally insulate a Boeing 747-400 in one day. An Airbus 319 could be insulated in one day using six men [three to spray and three for support]. A Gulfstream 650 could be insulated with two men [one spraying and one in support] in about eight hours total [spraying and curing].

Is Mega-Temp™ sprayed thick?

It is applied to a thinness of one millimeter [.03937″]

Do you place any Restrictions on the sale of Mega-Temp™ Insulation?

Yes. For one, we NEVER sell Mega-Temp™ Insulation for use on Civil or Commercial Aircraft made of Composite Structural Materials. Click here to learn why.

When is the best time to get an Applicator License for Mega-Temp™ Insulation?

We primarily deal on a Quarterly and Yearly basis for Applicator Licenses. Now is the best time to purchase an Exclusive Applicator License. Prices will be increased above the current year prices. Why wait? Having an Exclusive Applicator License for a Particular Geographic Area assures you of unabated business from clients in your area and eliminates predatory sales practices by others. At the same time, as a Certified Licensee we know that customers will enjoy the benefits of Mega-Temp™ Insulation most assuredly since you have been educated about this Technology and properly trained in its installation by us.

How long are Exclusive Licenses issued for?

Licenses are issued from one through five years in length. They are all renewed yearly. Longer period Licenses are most often requested by those seeking large geographic markets and understand it will take time to scale up.

Are Exclusive Licenses Expensive?

They are no more expensive than other licenses offered in Information Technology [IT] for example. What they DO offer is NO competition, since Mega-Temp™ Insulation is the First And Only Active Molecular Insulation In The World™. There is NO competition in this regard. In IT for example, look at the myriad of both Hardware and Software companies pushing their respective products. Licenses from them mean little. They are as common as grains of sand on a beach.

Are there any benefits to my waiting to get a Exclusive Mega-temp™ Insulation Applicator License?

None that we can think of. In fact, the adage: “He who waits, gains nothing but the dust from those running in front of him” applies here. We recommend highly, contact us today, on your corporate letterhead telling us about which territory you are interested in and what industries you will be seeking out as your customers. We will promptly quote you our yearly License Fee. Upon prompt payment for your License, you will be educated about the Mega-Temp™ Insulation Product and trained in its installation. Thereafter, as long as you meet gallon-age purchases for the make-up and size of your territory, your License continues for its length. This is easy to accomplish using this advanced Technology that many people desire.

Are Exclusive License Fees going to escalate?

Yes. Product demands as well as world interest in using a REAL insulation, rather than the cosmetic insulations being sold, help countries to develop to their maximums. For example, in the Russian Far East, with extreme cold, the World War II insulations are of no physical value for safety and comfort in such exposures. Aggressive businessmen can see where the world is headed and do not hesitate, but lead. They are successful as a result. “Also-rans” gain nothing.

After we purchase a Mega-Temp™ License, how much time do we have before we must purchase material from your Company for projects?

Presently, Applicator Licensees, who have paid for their Licenses, have up to six months to secure customer contracts and then to furnish material payments to us. Many Licensees prefer to purchase material at the time of securing their Mega-Temp™ Applicator License so they can commence business as soon as possible for intended projects with their customers. Each situation is different based on Funding Availability, Industry Application, and Geography where installed. We analyze each element with our Licensees to make sure the End-Customers will be most satisfied.

Any further thoughts about purchasing a License for Mega-Temp™ Insulation?

Forecasted severe weather around the world means one can help their country in using Less Energy for citizens safety and comfort in Aircraft, Buildings, Railroads, Ships, and the like. This is a very good accomplishment that many will applaud tomorrow of those who are wise in getting Exclusive Applicator Licenses today.

If an Individual Investor would like to access you for an answer(s) to a particular question(s) can they contact you, get a Price Quotation, and pay your fee without signing a yearly contract? Does he or she meet you in Las Vegas, Nevada for the Consultation?

Individuals, who have need for effective answers for their Investment Goals, can contact us in writing and tell us the general matter they wish to discuss. We will quote them a price, and upon our receipt of payment, we will schedule a meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Individual does not have to sign a yearly contract.

Are your Advisement Fees Expensive?

No. In fact, the breadth of information one receives, makes our Fee inexpensive in comparison. We want our International Friends, be they Corporations or Individuals, to succeed in this fast paced World. The pricing of such information has to be realistic to their goals. The information available ranges from: “Submarines” through “Satellites”; North Pole to South Pole; and. ALL aspects on International Commerce and Investing. We are by far one of the greatest Breadth of Information Sources available who “Calls It As We See It” in Commerce, Manufacturing, and all of the Sciences. Our motto is: “You will get MORE than you pay for” by engaging us. Why wait? Waiting buys one nothing.