Technical Data

Mega-Temp™ Insulation Technical Data

Density DriedLess than 10 grams per square foot (60 kilograms per cubic meter)
Average ThicknessLess than 1 millimeter
IncombustiblePer FAR 23.853(a); FAR 25.853(b) Appendix F
Service TemperatureSteady State Temperature: 260 C (500 F)
Transient Temperature: 1093 C (2000 F)
Heat ReleasePassed SINTEF NBL Nordtest method NT Fire 004 NS-INSTA 412 for In 1 classification
Smoke DevelopmentDoes not exceed 10% density per Nordtest method NT Fire 004 NS-INSTA 412 for In 1 classification
Melting PointExceeds 1093 C (2000 F)
Moisture AbsorptionLess than 1%
PermeabilityPer ASTM-96 at 0.05 perms
Cryogenic ExposureExperiences no deteriorating effects at -195.58 C (-320 F) (liquid nitrogen)
Acoustic Transmission LossUp to 6 decibels
Acoustic AbsorptionUp to 9 decibels
CorrosionNone: No corrosive influence as applied to various metallic alloys, woods, or glass Vapor barrier properties actually help inhibit corrosion.
Acid ExposureSulfuric, nitric, hydrochloric acid inert
Ozone ExposureInert
Ultra Violet ExposureInert
Impact ResistanceDrop Ball Test: Experiences no delamination or cracking
VerminDoes not promote bacteria, fungi, insects, or vermin

Thermal Conductivity Data

Thermal ConductivityBtu·1mm/(hr·ft2·°F)
23.89 C (75 F) mean0.26
93.33 C (200 F) mean0.28
148.89 C (300 F) mean0.31
204.44 C (400 F) mean0.35
260 C (500 F) mean0.40

Application Details

Mega-Temp Insulation is applied using a Low Pressure Air System.

Cure Cycle: Dry to the touch in 15 to 40 minutes. Cured 100% in 48 hrs.

Reference Acoustic Data

Sound SourceDecibels
Hearing Threshold0
Leaf Rustling20
Typical Home50
Normal Speech60
Vacuum Cleaner70
Dial Tone on Telephone80
City Traffic85
Diesel Truck Nearby90
Turbofan Aircraft at Takeoff @ 50 Meters118
Commencement of Ear Pain125
Jet Engine @ 30 Meters140
Twelve Gauge Shotgun150
.38 Smith & Wesson Pistol153
.357 Magnum Pistol164
Permanent Structural Ear Damage180

Reference Flame Temperature (Approximate)

Energy Source / OxidizerCelsiusFahrenheit
Bunsen Burner1,5752,867
Candle Lit1,1002,012
Cigar Lit7901,454
Electric Spark1,3002,372
Match Lit8001,472
Pine Wood/Air1,9503,542
Weather Lightning Bolt30,53755,000

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