Naval Ship Insulation

superior insulation for Naval vessels

For Thermal and Acoustic Control, Shield your Newbuild: Garboard Strake to Sheer Strake; Orlop Deck To Bridge; and, Stem to Stern, with Mega-TempTM Insulation.

Beyond the thermal, acoustic, and acid-barrier properties of Mega-Temp™ there is another military benefit: Reduction of hull infra-red emissivity to sea skimming missiles. Since an engine room treated with Mega-Temp™ stays cool, there is a reduction of infra-red wavelength energy to the outside of the craft. Thusly, a missile may be “blind” to a ship so treated [which protects the vessel as well as the crew].

Yachts treated with Mega-Temp™ Insulation have eliminated “tin-canning” acoustic resonance. The results of the instant sound reduction [through both sound absorption and sound dampening] has been appreciated by the yachtsmen building the craft as well as the owners and passengers thereafter. 

Since all visible surfaces of a ship  or other vehicle can be easily coated with Mega-Temp™, acoustic transmission routes allowed by lesser insulations, are shielded by Mega-Temp™ where applied.

Installation on a Cruise Ship

Holland America, “Statendam”, built in Italy, by Fincantieri Navale, Monfalcone Shipyard #5881, treated with Mega-Temp™ insulation had its musical bandstand and dance areas acoustic transmission signature substantially reduced. Thereafter, passengers in their staterooms on the deck above could sleep during the night rather than hearing both the music as well as talking and singing emanating from the large entertainment area. The entire involved area was insulated in less than four hours during the maiden voyage of the ship! Since the work was performed one early morning, the whole job was completed and re-assembled so the passengers never knew what had occurred.

As a result, a forthright ship owner corrected deficiencies on a new ship on its international maiden voyage; to the embarrassment of the ship yard, whose employees were on the voyage at the time!

Mega-Temp Insulation – Luxury Yacht Installation Video
Actual Installation Time: Less Than 7 Hours

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